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Terraces, façades, lining, fences, rails, or wall cladding, exterior/interior

The WPC wooden material has been developed as a replacement to natural wood, where all its disadvantages are eliminated.  
What are the possibilities with the WPC maintenance-free material? 

Floor tiles are an excellent flexible or stable floor covering. The layout and possible composition take up very little time, while still being fun. At the same time, it can warm the cool floor up more…

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Advantages of the WPC maintenance-free wood

The saving of the time and labour needed when working with normal wood is sufficient enough as an advantage. Moreover, the material achieves return and saving of finances. This is already true during the guaranteed life-durability of min. 20 years. That is even more interesting. Actual conversion and other connections in saving and benefits are listed in the catalogue of products.

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Construction design solution for your façade

  • Acceleration, refinement and ease of mounting of the ventilated façade
  • Construction system preventing thermal bridges
  • Universal construction and supporting use even for further mounting on the façade
  • Complete solution even with WPC lining and ventilation components
  • Horizontal and vertical hanging of boards LSHD-08

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Versatility of rectifying targets

Targets allow the construction to be made without using building materials. With their shape they provide ventilation and draining of water.

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Keep your fate in your hands

The aim is to support new positive trend in the market. The support and cooperation are the basic ideas. Together with mediating opportunities and contacts, it created a new community and communication on the market.

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The priority is to help clients and achieve mutual satisfaction. In addition, it is to offer added value, which saves extra costs, thus further favours the price of products.

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Discover the real maintenance-free WPC material and its properties

Procedures, properties and technical parameters of the WPC material

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