Maintenance-free wood is our world, but our world does not spin only around the WPC material

There are many types of materials, opinions or suppliers. However, on the market, that encourages rash decisions or opinions, we do not always find quality goods. Today, it is bigger problem to find responsibility and quality than to find a supplier. When we established our company, we decided to find a quality supplier and filter out those with inadequate quality products by focusing on the areas where the market itself can guarantee the quality. Among other examples, this happened on selected foreign markets, where we established more than standard relationship and exclusivity of the products. However, the goal is to offer additional services along with the material as well as to support positive trend on our market, namely company mergers and cooperation. There was a lot of work, endurance and sacrifices behind the idea and the final creation of the company.
Timed order with delivery

Timed order with delivery

Delivery of the products on your chosen day in future and at arranged place
Your warehouse free of charge at our storage place

Your warehouse free of charge at our storage place

We will store your purchased products in our warehouse until you need it
Completing of the order

Completing of the order

If you wish so, we will complete your order with everything needed to work with your selected products, possibly even other goods

Competency, outlook and creativity create partnerships

Let's start by mentioning something about the ECOWPC idea. As it was already mentioned, it is not only the material, but something extra with it all along. Let's start by specifying what ECOWPC is not. We are not only some passive distribution company or a retailer. We actively engage in marketing of our clients, as well as providing them with added value in form of attractive services that simplify our customers' work processes and save their additional costs.

The benefits of ECOWPC

The goods warehouse is located in Slovakia – the centre of Europe, from where it is easily accessible to all areas. Slovakia is a member of the European Union with an integrated infrastructure and an international EURO currency. 

If the client requests it, his work or service can be included in our marketing program. For mediating the requests from clients, that is, cooperating companies, installers, designers and architects. We are opened to another creative cooperation with people that can move and support this idea.

Use a form of franchising * from us and profit.

* This is understood as a cooperation between independent entrepreneurs – franchisors and franchisees. The European Code of Franchise defines franchising as a system of marketing products, services and technologies, based on close and constant cooperation between legally and financially different businesses.

Our lead becomes the lead of our clients!

We are constantly striving to expand and enhance our supplementary services for our clients with something new and interesting. We also strive to support the idea of ECOWPC, to promote it and link it, move it to other areas. Moreover, we strive to support the creativity and projects even from starting entrepreneurs, start-ups, designers, architects, by which we create interesting contacts and community. For this, we use contact with our customers, public presentations and creativity, from which we also send feedbacks to potential prospects. Example of this can be the presentation of ECOWPC ideas for cescape (Central European Start-up Centre).

The idea also includes that all effective internal corporate practices can be shifted and used on the public sector as well; to support the positive trend on our business market, which certainly need this nowadays. Everything within the ECOWPC idea, and of course, if it is possible, free of charge. As an example, I can introduce the idea of marketing to mediate the job opportunities from our clients and via a variety of other options. We decided for the new trend from successful areas. We decided to go this way and be different, more positive than others – to “push that drop in the sea”.