Discover real maintenance-free WPC material


The WPC wood-plastic material had been developed as a substitute for a natural wood with the positive elimination of all its drawbacks.

The WPC wooden-plastic material represents a golden mean, where the material contains real wood, compared to other different fully plastic wood substitutes or profiles. The advantage is mainly in the real contact with the material. You can still feel the nature out of it in a form that protects it and is maintenance-free. At the same time, you can work with the WPC material and process it in the same way as you can with natural wood. The material is single-molten and single-layered.

„Price – performance – material “

The priority is to help clients and to achieve mutual satisfaction. Moreover, it offers added value that saves additional costs to clients and thus even more favour the price of the goods. The main idea is to offer material that will evaluate the work and completes the return of the investment. We have achieved both and even more! Under guaranteed 20 years of resistance to external environmental influences, the investment in the purchase of the material is exceeded only by the cost of caring for natural wood. The exchange and repair costs are annulated thanks to maintenance-free nature of WPC material as well.

Therefore, it may seem that the initial investment is higher than the one with natural wood with the lowest price and shorter durability. However, the price does not exceed exotic woods. And, as was already mentioned, there is a relevant cost saving compared to cheaper natural wood. Regarding the costs of maintenance for natural wood, there are other elements like labour and time, which are completely saved with WPC material. You can find a more precise calculation in our products catalogue on our webpage or you can request one by writing us directly to our e-mail. Of course, many other benefits are also available to our clients in the form of quantitative discounts and loyalty discount coupons.

Information on the product quality with the added value can be found in the section “Technical parameters and benefits of the ECOWPC company”.

Note: Dear client, in case of international delivery is minimal order 74 m2 (126 pcs), please check before delivery time on the selected item.

The material can also be used in areas and locations where the advantages, properties and universality of the place is not known yet. This way, you can increase the resistance of the work to external influences. For example, you can use the floor profile as a fence pad or a part of another work or decoration. Most importantly, the material can be used in places inaccessible for the natural wood maintenance

The WPC material evaluates the work and at the same time it achieves the return on investment

Terraces, floors, colour combinations and different double-sided surface (smooth with wooden texture and grained anti-slip) of floor profiles can create a new visual

Fences, railings, façades, linings or wall cladding with a terrace board or lining – façade profile will also be maintenance-free. The combination of colours can create an atmosphere. Our solutions can also be found in the products catalogue – e-shop

Floor tiles are another form and new option for creating the floor or a decoration. Quick and simple assembly and disassembly saves time and represents flexibility. Colour combinations make it possible to achieve equally interesting visuals. It will warm the cold floor as well as withstand moisture and water

It will help to secure any inaccessible places for maintenance

Use is limited only by your own fantasy

Use of WPC wood-plastic material